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GB-0122615-D0: Method and apparatus for reducing PFC emission during semiconductor manufacture patent, GB-0123420-D0: Programmable controller patent, GB-0123602-D0: Carrying sock for mobile phone patent, GB-0124196-D0: Stopper removing devices patent, GB-0124630-D0: "Systems and methods for generating visual representations of graphical data and digital document processing" patent, GB-0125448-D0: Speed audible and visual indicator patent, GB-0126848-D0: Mail check patent, GB-0126960-D0: A container patent, GB-0128211-D0: Break-away buckle patent, GB-0129155-D0: Edge achromatization circuit and method patent, GB-0129233-D0: Cosmetic composition patent, GB-0129968-D0: Flexible heater patent, GB-0130350-D0: Illumination lamp equipment patent, GB-0201126-D0: Increased safety or flame/explosion proof device coupler patent, GB-0201587-D0: Mobile aerial work platforms patent, GB-0201789-D0: Three-dimensional measuring of electro-magnetic field resonance patent, GB-0202203-D0: Item printing system patent, GB-0202384-D0: Anti-copy protection for a video signal patent, GB-0202418-D0: Apparatus for reinstating drains or underground passages patent, GB-0202919-D0: Vibration damper patent, GB-0203490-D0: Exhaust brake control system patent, GB-0205542-D0: Garment hanger patent, GB-0205609-D0: Bandwith extension alignment patent, GB-0206725-D0: Multiple terminal/branch circuit fuse patent, GB-0207087-D0: Air bag cover assembly patent, GB-0207696-D0: Radio communications system patent, GB-0208567-D0: Alignment apparatus patent, GB-0209409-D0: Growing medium patent, GB-0209918-D0: A third rear brake light with indicators patent, GB-0210641-D0: Method of making molded cellulosic webs for use in absorbent articles patent, GB-0210756-D0: Separable coffee maker patent, GB-0210840-D0: Method and apparatus enhanced acoustic mud impulse telemtry during underbalanced drilling patent, GB-0211229-D0: Apparatus for the optical manipulation of a pair of landscape stereoscopic images patent, GB-0211267-D0: One-stop soluble pill popper patent, GB-0211673-D0: System and method for appliance adaptation and evolution patent, GB-0212634-D0: Mass spectrometer patent, GB-0212668-D0: Compression set packer patent, GB-0212669-D0: Peer-to-peer content popularity patent, GB-0212689-D0: Flowline insulation system patent, GB-0214062-D0: Compactable powders patent, GB-0214296-D0: Medical apparatus patent, GB-0214753-D0: Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data in a cdma mobile communication system patent, GB-0216480-D0: Web access patent, GB-0216704-D0: Luminous property number indicator patent, GB-0217469-D0: Aspirating tube patent, GB-0217622-D0: Dedicated server management card with hot swap functionality patent, GB-0218132-D0: System and method for providing place and price protection in a search result list generated by a computer network search engine patent, GB-0218166-D0: Waveform lineariser patent, GB-0218420-D0: Reclosable bag production patent, GB-0218716-D0: Privacy and security mechanism fo presence systems with tuple spaces patent, GB-0220159-D0: Improved heat exchanger patent, GB-0220426-D0: Easy speakers patent, GB-0220476-D0: Method to detect unbounded growth of linked lists in a running application patent, GB-0221499-D0: Anaerobic adhesive/sealant dispensing system patent, GB-0221620-D0: Absorbent articles patent, GB-0222185-D0: Use patent, GB-0222198-D0: Aircraft engine exhaust shroud patent, GB-0223030-D0: Voting terminal apparatus and method patent, GB-0223866-D0: Low-calorie sugar emulant patent, GB-0225019-D0: Enhanced oil recovery process with cyclic variation of fluid injection rate patent, GB-0225547-D0: A method of cleaning oil-contaminated objects and method of removing oil from waste oily aqueous cleaning solutions and improvements in or relating to methods patent, GB-0225608-D0: Gas flue system patent, GB-0226634-D0: Undersea hydraulic coupling with radial seals on probe patent, GB-0226769-D0: Portable folding wall patent, GB-0226964-D0: Oil pump for controlling planetary system torque patent, GB-0227350-D0: Organic compounds patent, GB-0227523-D0: Vibrating gyroscope and electronic device using the same patent, GB-0227751-D0: Providing content to a mobile terminal patent, GB-0228982-D0: Digital filter modeling for active noise cancellation patent, GB-0229655-D0: Droplet deposition apparatus patent, GB-0229735-D0: Security device patent, GB-0300892-D0: Artist's paint-tube dispenser patent, GB-0302200-D0: Tile system patent, GB-0302210-D0: Bowl reflector terrestrial television antenna patent, GB-0302439-D0: Digital audio/video playback arrangement patent, GB-0302440-D0: Filler panel with integrated handle patent, GB-0302786-D0: Partioning systems patent, GB-0302973-D0: Weight measurement system, method and weight sensor patent, GB-0303183-D0: Operation of trains patent, GB-0303412-D0: A handwash station with an automatically operated waste bin patent, GB-0304460-D0: Trailer towing assembly patent, GB-0305698-D0: Security systems patent, GB-0306169-D0: Closable container patent, GB-0307632-D0: Chemical compounds patent, GB-0307852-D0: Methods of producing RNAs of defined length and sequence patent, GB-0308138-D0: Golf trolley patent, GB-0308816-D0: Lifting apparatus and a method of using same patent, GB-0309110-D0: Method and apparatus for scalable disambiguated coherence in shared storage hierarchies patent, GB-0310373-D0: Sign support device patent, GB-0310489-D0: Catch counter patent, GB-0310611-D0: Two stage scroll vacuum pump with improved pressure ration and performance patent, GB-0312421-D0: Preparation of liquids for the dispense of beverages patent, GB-0312488-D0: A panel joining member patent, GB-0313047-D0: Improvements in and relating to electrical switches patent, GB-0313711-D0: Ceramic microwave heating device patent, GB-0314081-D0: Method of purifying fischer-tropsch derived water patent, GB-0314286-D0: Tensioning apparatus patent, GB-0314561-D0: Cell culture patent, GB-0314972-D0: Security barrier patent, GB-0315211-D0: A tool for fishing patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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