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US-6368955-B1: Method of polishing semiconductor structures using a two-step chemical mechanical planarization with slurry particles having different particle bulk densities patent, US-6503309-B2: Within ink systems patent, US-6510364-B2: Selection and bundling method for random length materials patent, US-6624862-B1: Display optical apparatus having a rotary compensator to improve display contrast patent, US-3897867-A: Ribbon feed mechanism for ink ribbon cartridges patent, US-4301867-A: Process for selectively reducing the permeability of a subterranean sandstone formation patent, US-4307033-A: Preparation of 3,3-dimethyl-cyclopropane-1,1,2-tricarboxylic acid derivatives and intermediates therefor patent, US-4470359-A: Auxiliary furnace in combination with a boiler patent, US-4530173-A: Excessive pronation correcting device patent, US-4543039-A: Stator assembly for an axial compressor patent, US-4567395-A: Piezoelectric pressure transmitter for an internal combustion engine patent, US-4719330-A: Welding electrode patent, US-4832413-A: Device for mounting vehicle wheels patent, US-4981220-A: Method of and apparatus for separating seeds from a juice/juice sac slurry patent, US-5023957-A: Panty hose for wearing under an abbreviated outer garment patent, US-5074711-A: Profiled seal for tunnel segments patent, US-5202252-A: Monoclonal antibodies against lens epithelial cells and methods for preventing proliferation of remnant lens epithelial cells after extracapsular extraction patent, US-5323784-A: Heart rate calculation for users of exercise machines patent, US-5414380-A: Integrated circuit with an active-level configurable and method therefor patent, US-5991753-A: Method and system for computer file management, including file migration, special handling, and associating extended attributes with files patent, US-6026620-A: Foundation construction system patent, US-6081651-A: Apparatus for reproducing data from a disk-type recording medium and method thereof patent, US-6106990-A: Process for producing toner particles patent, US-6110653-A: Acid sensitive ARC and method of use patent, US-6122142-A: Disk drive having an improved erroneous disk cartridge insertion preventing device, and a disk cartridge for use with the disk drive patent, US-6356260-B1: Method for reducing power and electromagnetic interference in conveying video data patent, US-6390460-B2: Free-floating hydraulic clamping device with edge-gripping arbor patent, US-6428308-B1: Electronic fuel convertibility selection patent, US-6558376-B2: Method of use of an ultrasonic clamp and coagulation apparatus with tissue support surface patent, US-6700763-B2: Protected dual-voltage microcircuit power arrangement patent, US-4136542-A: Security locking box patent, US-4565882-A: Substituted dihydrobenzopyran-2-carboxylates patent, US-4775428-A: Production of a strip of zircaloy 2 or zircaloy 4 in partially recrystallized state patent, US-4815258-A: Fruit bin filler patent, US-4830398-A: Vehicle suspension arrangements patent, US-5190554-A: Appendix extractor patent, US-5256277-A: Paraffin isomerization process utilizing a catalyst comprising a mesoporous crystalline material patent, US-5269149-A: Method for long range transcontinental and transoceanic transport of fresh chilled meat patent, US-5299395-A: Canopy structure and method of assembly patent, US-5363026-A: Method of operating a numerically controlled machine tool and a machine tool for carrying out the method patent, US-5384055-A: Lubricant additives patent, US-5558876-A: Topical ophthalmic acidic drug formulations patent, US-5621539-A: Public fax services and system patent, US-5690617-A: Adjusting catheter holding device patent, US-5797202-A: Vertical hole excavating machine patent, US-5851861-A: MIS semiconductor device having an LDD structure and a manufacturing method therefor patent, US-6109393-A: Gear type of manual transmission for automotive vehicle patent, US-6365937-B1: Electrostatic discharge protection device having a graded junction patent, US-6453270-B1: Systems for remote management of a network of waste containers patent, US-6501455-B1: Driving device and driving method of liquid crystal display device patent, US-6527844-B2: Metal complex for ink jet ink patent, US-6539453-B1: Storage system including means for management of a memory with anti-attrition, and process of anti-attrition management of a memory patent, US-6601621-B2: Portable Power Planer patent, US-6636300-B2: Spatially resolving range-finding system patent, US-6644472-B2: Footwear package patent, US-6718067-B1: Method of manipulating illumination effects associated with an image patent, US-5105917-A: Disc brake piston patent, US-5262666-A: Semiconductor device with a nickel alloy protective resistor patent, US-5277690-A: Roll patent, US-5329981-A: Method of producing a metal mold patent, US-5466525-A: Multifilament yarn of polyethylene naphthalate and method for producing said yarn patent, US-5516245-A: Load anchor for cargo beams patent, US-5751363-A: System and method for coding and/or decoding image-adaptive split region of motion picture patent, US-5909840-A: Clamshell carton with partitions patent, US-6136757-A: Solid lubricants and friction modifiers for heavy loads and rail applications patent, US-6302627-B1: Multipart dowel for a removable anchor patent, US-6448538-B1: Electric heating element patent, US-6460576-B2: Pipe insulation jacket patent, US-6707646-B2: Method and apparatus for dynamically controlling the flying behavior and height of a read/write head in a storage device by manipulating the spring constant of the suspension patent, US-6723053-B2: Esophageal balloon catheter device patent, US-4488853-A: Fluid pressure ratio transformer system patent, US-4572725-A: Air dryer device patent, US-4887973-A: Conforming device for a flexible film provided with projecting mouthpieces patent, US-5013207-A: Crop transporter patent, US-5053317-A: Radiation-polymerizable mixture and copying material produced comprising polyurethane-polyurea polymer patent, US-5278924-A: Periodic domain reversal electro-optic modulator patent, US-5377557-A: Cushioned mount for bicycle handlebars patent, US-5470049-A: Bearing for a spring strut of a motor vehicle patent, US-5520950-A: Edible compostion and a process for its preparation patent, US-5706845-A: Walker adapter patent, US-5714329-A: Methods for the diagnosis of a genetic predisposition to cancer associated with variant CDK4 allele patent, US-5716037-A: Seismic isolator patent, US-5732733-A: Air hose reel patent, US-5762082-A: Precision fluid head transport patent, US-6207874-B1: Customized aesthetic and reconstructive temporary tattoo and method for making same patent, US-6237851-B1: Dual mode barcode scanner patent, US-6446710-B2: Arrangement for cooling a flow-passage wall surrrounding a flow passage, having at least one rib element patent, US-6484143-B1: User device and system for traffic management and content distribution over a world wide area network patent, US-6489930-B2: Dielectric leaky-wave antenna patent, US-6557858-B1: Unitary double ring seal patent, US-6611034-B2: Magnetic device and solid-state magnetic memory patent, US-4389312-A: Variable venturi sewerage aerator patent, US-5099354-A: Kit for converting a slit lamp biomicroscope into a single aperture confocal scanning biomicroscope patent, US-5163118-A: Lattice mismatched hetrostructure optical waveguide patent, US-5275486-A: Device for acting upon fluids by means of a shock wave patent, US-5313587-A: Device for simultaneous data input/output and execution support in digital processors patent, US-5505054-A: Rapid beverage cooling patent, US-5590773-A: Golf wet towel container patent, US-5708480-A: Method and circuit configuration for reducing flicker in a television set patent, US-5881661-A: Leg binding attachment system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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