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GB-8519922-D0: Closures patent, GB-8520151-D0: Sulphonamides patent, GB-8520178-D0: Electronic moving display unit patent, GB-8520348-D0: Electrical machine patent, GB-8521118-D0: Electric knives patent, GB-8521221-D0: Controlled release formulations patent, GB-8521352-D0: Party hat patent, GB-8521550-D0: Drive-unit for water-borne craft patent, GB-8523002-D0: Stapling machine patent, GB-8523352-D0: Road vehicle suspensions system patent, GB-8523867-D0: Distributing arrangement patent, GB-8524986-D0: Musical instrument playing aid patent, GB-8525318-D0: Cadmium pigments patent, GB-8526930-D0: Optionally active 2-azetidinone compounds patent, GB-8527376-D0: Klystron vacuum tubes patent, GB-8527775-D0: Dispenser pump patent, GB-8528121-D0: Toothbrush patent, GB-8528314-D0: Measuring respiratory flow rate patent, GB-8528352-D0: Porous carbon structures patent, GB-8528691-D0: Electronic keyboard musical instrument patent, GB-8529851-D0: Linear layered cigarette patent, GB-8529905-D0: Veering mooring rope patent, GB-8530311-D0: Active compounds patent, GB-8530351-D0: Valve patent, GB-8600245-D0: Preparation of 2-arylpropionic acids patent, GB-8600955-D0: Containers for liquids patent, GB-8600962-D0: Gripping device patent, GB-8601021-D0: Combine harvester adapter attachment patent, GB-8601124-D0: Transfusion apparatus patent, GB-8601579-D0: Light scanning optical system patent, GB-8602305-D0: Doppler effect measurements patent, GB-8602503-D0: Imaging arrangement patent, GB-8602792-D0: Benzoyl urea compounds patent, GB-8603824-D0: Hinged lid packets patent, GB-8604210-D0: Coupling arrangement patent, GB-8604312-D0: Timing system patent, GB-8604702-D0: Encoding images patent, GB-8605120-D0: Carton patent, GB-8606949-D0: Bead for plasterboard patent, GB-8607292-D0: Data transmission systems patent, GB-8607920-D0: Dry food composition patent, GB-8608099-D0: Transmission safety valve patent, GB-8608940-D0: Dart point shaper & sharpener patent, GB-8609484-D0: Feed water conditioner patent, GB-8609929-D0: High current switch contacts patent, GB-8610299-D0: Tensioning device patent, GB-8610737-D0: Template levelling device patent, GB-8611427-D0: Materials & assemblies patent, GB-8612425-D0: Stability-detecting device patent, GB-8613489-D0: In-line solder extractor & heater assembly patent, GB-8613513-D0: Generator patent, GB-8614325-D0: Indole derivatives patent, GB-8614710-D0: Process patent, GB-8614727-D0: Thread treating nozzles patent, GB-8614994-D0: Guns for shooting practice patent, GB-8615388-D0: Fancy veneers & solid wood blocks patent, GB-8615690-D0: Production of calcined ceramic pigments patent, GB-8617813-D0: Fishing reel electronic alarm patent, GB-8617838-D0: Hydraulic control valve patent, GB-8618788-D0: Universal adjustable sundial patent, GB-8618880-D0: Ultrasonic stylus position stabilizer patent, GB-8619226-D0: Multiple station workpiece processing lines patent, GB-8619252-D0: Viewing & recording apparatus patent, GB-8619725-D0: Homogenous interferon fragments patent, GB-8620093-D0: Electrical heating cable patent, GB-8620640-D0: Spinning rotor patent, GB-8621093-D0: Aqueous fluids patent, GB-8621309-D0: Open-chain morpholino adriamycins patent, GB-8621384-D0: Anion exchange fibres patent, GB-8621745-D0: Transmission systems patent, GB-8622223-D0: Block toy patent, GB-8623082-D0: Heated conduit patent, GB-8623546-D0: Measuring fibre patent, GB-8623779-D0: Generator patent, GB-8625333-D0: Controlling ignition timing for i c engine patent, GB-8625434-D0: Sanitary napkin patent, GB-8625750-D0: I c reciprocating piston engine patent, GB-8626173-D0: Interior decoration patent, GB-8627753-D0: Latent heat storage system patent, GB-8629060-D0: Double skin roof/wall structure patent, GB-8629188-D0: Autofocus assist illuminator patent, GB-8629233-D0: Active compounds patent, GB-8629237-D0: Incontinence pad patent, GB-8630216-D0: Snooker cue patent, GB-8630508-D0: Furniture construction patent, GB-8700034-D0: Vehicle suspension patent, GB-8700675-D0: Fungicides patent, GB-8701787-D0: Composite self-propping beam patent, GB-8701954-D0: Containers patent, GB-8702199-D0: Liquefaction of cellulose patent, GB-8703691-D0: Intergral mirror patent, GB-8704516-D0: Operation program checking method patent, GB-8704755-D0: Pharmaceutical delivery device patent, GB-8704818-D0: Golf ball patent, GB-8705089-D0: Furniture trim patent, GB-8705660-D0: Lubricating oil dispersant & viton seal additives patent, GB-8705663-D0: Flow control apparatus patent, GB-8706395-D0: Semiconductor die package & fabrication method patent, GB-8707232-D0: Roof structures patent, GB-8707246-D0: Journal patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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