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GB-8819800-D0: Laser initiated ordnance system optical fiber continuity test patent, GB-8819817-D0: Prevention of snoring patent, GB-8819910-D0: Clamped body replacement tool patent, GB-8819927-D0: Device for closing off pool skimmer patent, GB-8819932-D0: Improvements in carburettors patent, GB-8820237-D0: Processor array systems patent, GB-8821225-D0: Compounds & treatment patent, GB-8821816-D0: Fervescence composition patent, GB-8821910-D0: Temperature sensing circuit patent, GB-8821930-D0: Improvements in/relating to scavenging systems patent, GB-8822156-D0: Detection of transgenic animals patent, GB-8824365-D0: Method of making colour filter array patent, GB-8824695-D0: Energy absorbing compositions patent, GB-8826707-D0: Irrigation apparatus patent, GB-8827876-D0: Pictures signs &c patent, GB-8828359-D0: Steering means for marine propulsion device patent, GB-8829079-D0: Novel compounds patent, GB-8829741-D0: Molten metal sampling patent, GB-8830251-D0: Improved method for making printed circuits patent, GB-8830254-D0: Drilling apparatus patent, GB-8830458-D0: Window wizard patent, GB-8901895-D0: Dual torque opposed piston internal combustion engine patent, GB-8902048-D0: Manually operable control valves patent, GB-8902211-D0: Security device for trolleys patent, GB-8903078-D0: Back-supporting device patent, GB-8903132-D0: Neutral sensing assembly patent, GB-8903484-D0: Automatic,flush,urinal patent, GB-8903836-D0: Propulsion system patent, GB-8904187-D0: Preparation of optically active glycerol derivatives patent, GB-8904254-D0: A water closet flushing mechanism patent, GB-8904264-D0: Acetate product and process patent, GB-8904504-D0: Copy turn around mechanism for reproduction machine patent, GB-8904978-D0: Safety back-up winch patent, GB-8905793-D0: Graduated density felt patent, GB-8906021-D0: Packaged food recovery apparatus patent, GB-8906248-D0: Roof seat patent, GB-8907111-D0: Self-compensating document drive system patent, GB-8907143-D0: Automatic tie gun patent, GB-8907191-D0: Two level tactical board game patent, GB-8907806-D0: Improvements relating to lifting devices patent, GB-8907968-D0: Carpet loom patent, GB-8908600-D0: Linear actuator patent, GB-8908815-D0: Fuel supply control patent, GB-8909393-D0: Ducting patent, GB-8909482-D0: Tissue repair system patent, GB-8909923-D0: Time resolved spectroscopy patent, GB-8910109-D0: Laser altimeter for low-flying flying bodies patent, GB-8910457-D0: Shoe retaining strap patent, GB-8910592-D0: Improved misalignment coupling patent, GB-8910596-D0: Real-time control sequencer with state matrix logic patent, GB-8910647-D0: Plotter paper advance control patent, GB-8910810-D0: Electric actuator for door lock patent, GB-8911478-D0: Solid diffusion source patent, GB-8911510-D0: Magnetic screw holder patent, GB-8911810-D0: Textile products patent, GB-8911934-D0: Window frame patent, GB-8912443-D0: Locking mechanism for a sliding window or door patent, GB-8912518-D0: Boat riter patent, GB-8912701-D0: Production of porous materials patent, GB-8912999-D0: Engine synchronisation patent, GB-8913767-D0: Packaging for liquids patent, GB-8913882-D0: Mini-piled retaining wall and a method for its construction patent, GB-8914241-D0: Ribbon transducers patent, GB-8914382-D0: A boat with an auxiliary deck patent, GB-8914453-D0: Spatial light modulators patent, GB-8914534-D0: Method of selecting an image for a spot-the-ball competition patent, GB-8914812-D0: Improvements in or relating to aircraft handling apparatus patent, GB-8914883-D0: Improved last patent, GB-8915305-D0: Cleaning apparatus & method patent, GB-8918190-D0: Board game apparatus patent, GB-8918269-D0: Improvements relating to electric screw drivers patent, GB-8918714-D0: Improved structure for gas range patent, GB-8919192-D0: Dielectric resonator patent, GB-8919384-D0: A process for producing moulded articles patent, GB-8920601-D0: Audio apparatus patent, GB-8921962-D0: Variable suspension system patent, GB-8922815-D0: Support for moving handrail patent, GB-8923081-D0: A method and system for treatment and transport of oil and gas produced from wells on the sea bed patent, GB-8923501-D0: Collection vehicle,apparatus for use in the vehicle and method of collecting material patent, GB-8924100-D0: Rotary anti-scaling device patent, GB-8925280-D0: Thermal transfer receiver patent, GB-8925312-D0: Heating circuit patent, GB-8926050-D0: An apparatus for measuring shear stress and strain characteristics of adhesives patent, GB-8926052-D0: Method & apparatus for radio transmission patent, GB-8926369-D0: Bleaches and detergent compositions patent, GB-8926993-D0: Process patent, GB-8927068-D0: Twist action mop patent, GB-8927418-D0: Roller skates & boots patent, GB-8927725-D0: Disc brake and cap seal therefor patent, GB-8928104-D0: Strip-like cable patent, GB-8928215-D0: A plate for use in an assembly on a railway track and an assembly including the plate patent, GB-8928363-D0: Optical fibre systems patent, GB-8928380-D0: Anthracycline-conjugates patent, GB-8928419-D0: Shellfish patent, GB-9000195-D0: Metal plate with reinforcing bead and a cylinder head gasket including the same patent, GB-9000404-D0: Improvements relating to sheet metal faced roofs of buildings patent, GB-9001388-D0: Film collation patent, GB-9002302-D0: Radio alarm monitor patent, GB-9002599-D0: Sports equipment patent, GB-9003999-D0: Pseudo-random sequence generators patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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