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GB-9726386-D0: Optical correlator patent, GB-9726584-D0: Inter-line fishing rod patent, GB-9726771-D0: Improved hole cutting tools patent, GB-9726933-D0: Waste water recovery system for buildings patent, GB-9726965-D0: Transfer of basic knowledge to agents patent, GB-9727344-D0: Buoyancy systems for marine craft patent, GB-9800310-D0: Vehicle lamp patent, GB-9800956-D0: Cyclone separation apparatus patent, GB-9801108-D0: Selection mechanism for dual mode cellular/satellite hand sets patent, GB-9801190-D0: Cutter systems patent, GB-9801306-D0: Receiver/modulator patent, GB-9801906-D0: A peripheral controller for a transaction processing system patent, GB-9802317-D0: Continuous metal manufacturing method and apparatus therefor patent, GB-9802567-D0: Ball striking device with means of imparting enhanced forward momentum to the ball patent, GB-9802599-D0: Medical use patent, GB-9804095-D0: Lid lift patent, GB-9804525-D0: Manufacturing method patent, GB-9805445-D0: Product scanner patent, GB-9806710-D0: Novel method patent, GB-9806994-D0: Acoustic device patent, GB-9807244-D0: Levelling apparatus for vehicle lamp patent, GB-9808694-D0: Hollow solid golf ball patent, GB-9808824-D0: A semiconductor memory device employing single data rate (SDR) and double data rate(DDR) patent, GB-9809747-D0: Improvements in alpha and beta particle detection patent, GB-9812340-D0: Circuit regulating a flyback transformer patent, GB-9812668-D0: A gas sensor patent, GB-9813392-D0: Height-adjustable lamp patent, GB-9814020-D0: Control panel for a microwave oven patent, GB-9814212-D0: Polymer composition patent, GB-9814218-D0: Cycle helmet and filtration/ventilation device patent, GB-9815028-D0: Sulphur removal patent, GB-9815361-D0: Communication device and method patent, GB-9815484-D0: Scroll compressor patent, GB-9816547-D0: Telephone apparatus patent, GB-9817329-D0: Brake pad wear indicator patent, GB-9817483-D0: A Synthetic post patent, GB-9817527-D0: Operating mechanism patent, GB-9817711-D0: Method of organising information for presentation as a three dimentional information structure and apparatus for performing the method and visualisation patent, GB-9817723-D0: Development system for manufacturing semiconductor devices and controlling method thereof patent, GB-9819172-D0: Thrust generation patent, GB-9819245-D0: Electronic circuit patent, GB-9819540-D0: Ozone generation patent, GB-9819948-D0: Restraining strap patent, GB-9820018-D0: Regulator device for the application of pressure to anti-G-pilot trousers patent, GB-9820415-D0: Apparatus for a computer system patent, GB-9820911-D0: Improvements in hydraulic braking systems for vehicles patent, GB-9823315-D0: Cosmetic compositions patent, GB-9824227-D0: Method of and test rig for cheking the fit of radial tooth couplings patent, GB-9824675-D0: Shelving systems and shelving assemblies patent, GB-9824744-D0: Ozone generator patent, GB-9825922-D0: Methods of and apparatus for forming raised elongate crop planting beds patent, GB-9827279-D0: Treatment of coronary and peripheral ischemia using an antithrombotic agent and an angiogenesis promoter patent, GB-9827311-D0: Novel compounds patent, GB-9827391-D0: Aldose reductase inhibitors and pharmaceutical compositions patent, GB-9827659-D0: High Frequency Quad Antennae patent, GB-9828501-D0: Method and apparatus for the manufacture of textiles patent, GB-9901066-D0: Suspended floors patent, GB-9901702-D0: Improvements in or relating to organic compositions patent, GB-9901921-D0: Packing machine patent, GB-9901982-D0: Frame for a bicycle patent, GB-9902215-D0: A socket plug patent, GB-9902297-D0: Fabrication of cooking appliances patent, GB-9904001-D0: Radiotelephone buzzer patent, GB-9904061-D0: Interactive bulletin board for social events patent, GB-9904391-D0: Improvements relating to thermal controls patent, GB-9904803-D0: A protective system for playing golf patent, GB-9905835-D0: Telecommunications signalling using the internet protocol patent, GB-9906070-D0: Indirect ophthalmoscope patent, GB-9906577-D0: Self-calibrating position transducer system and method patent, GB-9906582-D0: Sheet handling system patent, GB-9907352-D0: A stick patent, GB-9907473-D0: Workpiece setting patent, GB-9907962-D0: Monitoring of liquids for disease- associated materials patent, GB-9908061-D0: Methods patent, GB-9908341-D0: Foothold used in a brick wall patent, GB-9909047-D0: Exercise machine patent, GB-9909297-D0: Novel pharmaceutical composition patent, GB-9909884-D0: Self actuating motorcycle lock patent, GB-9910048-D0: Novel compounds patent, GB-9910053-D0: Improvements in scarves/banners for wearing/displaying patent, GB-9910418-D0: Payment apparatus and method patent, GB-9910432-D0: compounds patent, GB-9910849-D0: Lock mechanism patent, GB-9911497-D0: Improved information storage device patent, GB-9911729-D0: The decorating colour process kit patent, GB-9912018-D0: Mobile screening drum patent, GB-9912091-D0: Pipe preparing tool V patent, GB-9913315-D0: Improved process for coating glass patent, GB-9914760-D0: A sealed locket patent, GB-9916046-D0: Improvements in or relating to mobile telephones,cordless telephones and walkie-talkies patent, GB-9916580-D0: The Clampit patent, GB-9921362-D0: An engine system and operation thereof patent, GB-9921468-D0: System and method for providing historical for location services patent, GB-9922098-D0: Retractor patent, GB-9922928-D0: Data processing with reuse of existing message structure to allow access to distribution list patent, GB-9923184-D0: Squeegee devices patent, GB-9923708-D0: Self locking cloth hanging clip patent, GB-9926242-D0: Combustion apparatus patent, GB-9926295-D0: Emergency exit chute from a building patent, GB-9926662-D0: Advanced electronic percussion system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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