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US-7130636-B2: Wireless communication apparatus and wireless channel assignment method patent, US-7381762-B2: Ultraviolet light (UV) absorbing compounds and compositions containing UV absorbing compounds patent, US-7509975-B2: Fluid sensing shut-off devices with timer and methods of operation patent, US-7556123-B2: Muffler duct patent, US-7691176-B2: Method for manufacturing metal nanorods and uses thereof patent, US-7716408-B2: Burn rack docking apparatus for an information handling system patent, US-7782821-B2: Multi-carrier communication device and multi-carrier communication method patent, US-7976748-B2: Nano-molding process patent, US-7994691-B2: Systems, methods, and apparatus for controlling key bar movement in a stator assembly patent, US-8067052-B2: Nutritional composition and a container for the convenient transport and storage of the nutritional composition patent, US-8104592-B2: Damper device patent, US-8133805-B2: Methods for forming dense dielectric layer over porous dielectrics patent, US-8152838-B2: Orthopedic plate system and method for using the same patent, US-8266482-B2: Operating parameter control for integrated circuit signal paths patent, US-6711233-B2: Method and apparatus for generating X-ray or EUV radiation patent, US-6728468-B2: Digital video cassette recorder for preventing picture distortion during search and method for processing picture using the same patent, US-6792694-B2: Control system for an automatic clothes dryer patent, US-6832076-B2: Audible diagnostic information apparatus and method patent, US-6861065-B2: Method of producing intraocular lenses in vivo patent, US-6972000-B2: Manual/auto-prime air eliminator patent, US-7059575-B2: Industrial tank support patent, US-7101992-B1: Nucleic acid base pair patent, US-7527881-B2: Cleaning medium patent, US-7729385-B2: Techniques for utilization of spare bandwidth patent, US-7937696-B2: Method, system and program product for adapting software applications for client devices patent, US-8002805-B2: Intervertebral implant patent, US-8234186-B2: Inventory location management patent, US-6766834-B1: Sealing apparatus patent, US-6767896-B1: Conotoxin peptides patent, US-6890224-B2: Electric jet ski patent, US-7030964-B2: Stage system, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method patent, US-7131602-B2: Aerosol product patent, US-7198735-B2: Low cost roofing shingles manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials patent, US-7260176-B2: X-ray sensor signal processor and X-ray computed tomography system using the same patent, US-7375459-B2: Vacuum ultraviolet excited green phosphor material and light-emitting device using the same patent, US-7516890-B1: Interactive inventory monitoring patent, US-7678395-B2: Stimulation of hair growth by isoginkgetin patent, US-7835108-B2: Data storage tape recertification patent, US-8014281-B1: Systems and methods for limiting the rates of data to/from a buffer patent, US-8127009-B2: Renewable conditional access patent, US-8260501-B2: Awake state estimation device patent, US-8560839-B2: Tamper proof location services patent, US-6737973-B2: Amplifier modulation patent, US-6942287-B2: Sliding-tilt roof module and cover for a vehicle roof patent, US-6947973-B2: Content supply apparatus for transmitting the content to a portable terminal in transmitted divided units and prefetching other contents from the transmitted divided units patent, US-7022239-B2: Method for fractionating liquid mixtures patent, US-7044483-B2: Stacking cooler patent, US-7226082-B2: Vibration control system for electric tilt steering patent, US-7376116-B2: Software defined multiple transmit architecture patent, US-7627605-B1: Method and apparatus for generating media playlists by defining paths through media similarity space patent, US-7757456-B2: Monolithic abrasive snow retention system patent, US-7834518-B2: Linear ultrasound motor patent, US-8022151-B2: Adamantane derivative, method for producing the same, resin composition containing the adamantane derivative and use thereof patent, US-8289608-B2: Electrochromic formulation, method for the production thereof, and electrochromic organic component patent, US-8355687-B2: Receiver gain control patent, US-8479119-B2: Method for presenting menu buttons patent, US-6757733-B2: Apparatus and method for improving performance of proxy server arrays that use persistent connections patent, US-6943703-B2: Apparatus for communicating with law enforcement during vehicle travel and associated methods patent, US-7102242-B2: Lead-free glass tubing, especially for encapsulating diodes and diodes encapsulated with same patent, US-7166734-B2: Method for making organometallic compounds patent, US-7184742-B2: High frequency device patent, US-8091139-B2: System and method for masking arbitrary Boolean functions patent, US-8394222-B2: Device and method for manufacturing a fiber composite component patent, US-6798875-B2: Method and system for rerouting telephone calls directed to a private branch exchange via a private corporate network patent, US-6819236-B2: Vehicle monitoring system patent, US-6861817-B2: Method and apparatus for detecting a stall condition in a stepping motor patent, US-7144635-B2: Tear resistant heat sealable packaging structure patent, US-7215753-B2: Personal communication system patent, US-7398282-B2: System for recording process information of a plurality of systems patent, US-7485657-B2: Anti-cytokine heterocyclic compounds patent, US-7526942-B2: Contact combustion gas sensor patent, US-7571432-B2: Compiler apparatus for optimizing high-level language programs using directives patent, US-7724258-B2: Computer modeling and animation of natural phenomena patent, US-7831362-B2: Position measuring system for working machine patent, US-7906925-B2: Electric motor, drive system employing multiple electric motors, and method for controlling the same patent, US-8030408-B2: Tricure acrylic resins patent, US-8454862-B2: Method of creating ophthalmic lenses using modulated energy patent, US-8474228-B2: Packaging systems and methods for transporting vials patent, US-6798939-B2: Bubble stability in an optical switch patent, US-7664470-B2: Wireless transceiver and method for producing the same patent, US-7853221-B2: Network bridge device and methods for programming and using the same patent, US-8005186-B2: Complex imaging system for dental patent, US-8065568-B2: Communication network failure detection system, and communication network failure detection method and failure detection program patent, US-8288764-B2: Organic electronic device, method for production thereof, and organic semiconductor molecule patent, US-8344425-B2: Multi-gate III-V quantum well structures patent, US-8440500-B2: Light emitting device patent, US-6797409-B2: Electrodeposition process and a layered composite material produced thereby patent, US-6889868-B2: Coupon dispenser device patent, US-7464353-B2: Method and apparatus for generating technology independent delays patent, US-7465433-B2: Method for preparing electroconductive mayenite type compound patent, US-7636038-B1: Fault-tolerant timeout communication protocol with sensor integration patent, US-7665749-B2: Suspension assembly having an integrated stable storage platform patent, US-7817221-B2: Image display apparatus patent, US-7904537-B2: Architecture for online communal and connected experiences patent, US-8156637-B2: Apparatus for forming HTS continuous conductor elements patent, US-7043535-B2: Systems and methods for combined browsing and searching in a document collection based on information scent patent, US-7665851-B2: Projector having a color wheel including intermediate color filters patent, US-6949056-B2: Machine tool patent, US-7428838-B2: Calibration for an oil-consumption-measurement system patent, US-7903023-B2: Obstacle detection system notably for an anticollision system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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