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US-8471033-B2: Method for producing an intermediate product of dabigatran etexilate patent, US-7070227-B2: Modular base for pickup truck and method of assembly patent, US-7410205-B2: Retractable patio assembly for a recreational vehicle patent, US-7658100-B2: Device and method for measuring air movement patent, US-7723883-B2: Motor built-in magnetic bearing device patent, US-7811118-B2: Wire containment cap patent, US-8320042-B2: Polarizing film, optical film laminate comprising polarizing film, and stretched laminate for manufacturing the same patent, US-8469175-B2: Method and device for operating a passenger transport installation patent, US-8480425-B2: Lighting connector devices and uses thereof patent, US-6996274-B2: Notetaking system incorporating coded data sensor patent, US-7264480-B2: Display device patent, US-7364581-B2: Variable angle cutting block patent, US-7665383-B2: Bicycle shift control device patent, US-7908916-B2: Flat belt roadway simulator with steer and/or camber adjustment and method for ascertaining rolling loss patent, US-8205372-B2: Safety device for firearm and remote control system of one or more fire-arms provided with said device patent, US-8483401-B2: Wired noise cancelling stereo headset with separate control box patent, US-8514286-B2: Image transmission apparatus and image reception apparatus patent, US-6834559-B1: Vibration compensation system for tire testing systems patent, US-7668790-B2: System and method for fusing data from different information sources with shared-sampling distribution based boosting patent, US-7928601-B2: Power supply circuit for providing semiconductor integrated circuit device with a plurality of power supply voltages patent, US-8341578-B2: Clock gater with test features and low setup time patent, US-8379970-B2: Method of providing contents using color marker and system for performing the same patent, US-6883970-B2: Thrust bearing patent, US-7603041-B2: Temperature compensated dynamic optical tag modulator system and method patent, US-7065554-B1: Method and apparatus for regenerating message data patent, US-7863777-B2: Low power switching circuit patent, US-7984768-B2: Spring tensioned scraper for disc opener patent, US-8477827-B2: Spread-spectrum coding of data bursts patent, US-7451605-B2: LNG receiving terminal that primarily uses compensated salt cavern storage and method of use patent, US-7590451-B2: Axial lead connector for implantable medical devices patent, US-8287086-B2: Image recording apparatus and method for restoring recording head for image recording apparatus patent, US-8475949-B2: Method for manufacturing magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording medium patent, US-6775564-B1: Non-invasive glucose measuring device and method for measuring blood glucose patent, US-7008227-B2: Self-drilling implant patent, US-7626585-B2: Image processing method, image processor, and image processing program patent, US-8349297-B2: Topical formulations patent, US-8501682-B2: Difluorinated tripeptides as HCV serine protease inhibitors patent, US-7642674-B2: Switch state assurance system patent, US-7982770-B1: Method and apparatus to provide improved image quality in a camera patent, US-7995896-B1: System and user interface for a television receiver in a television program distribution system patent, US-7331102-B2: Apparatus for detecting an amount of strain and method for manufacturing same patent, US-7383863-B2: Method for making a collapsible funnel patent, US-7775026-B2: Lawn mower blade assembly for quick blade replacement and associated methods patent, US-7890039-B2: Sheet separation device, sheet conveyance apparatus, and image forming system patent, US-8163500-B2: Polypeptides and methods for the specific detection of antibodies in patients with a Borrelia infection patent, US-8262612-B1: Apparatus to prevent reperfusion injury patent, US-8129131-B2: Pin1 as a marker for abnormal cell growth patent, US-7159866-B2: Hidden element puzzle patent, US-8241313-B2: Instrument and system for surgical cutting and evoked potential monitoring patent, US-8275061-B2: Spectrum coding apparatus, spectrum decoding apparatus, acoustic signal transmission apparatus, acoustic signal reception apparatus and methods thereof patent, US-7683172-B2: Urea derivative and process for preparing the same patent, US-7402731-B2: Identification of seeds or plants using phenotypic markers patent, US-7114718-B2: Smart table card hand identification method and apparatus patent, US-7728104-B2: Process for preparing glycopeptide phosphonate derivatives patent, US-7878926-B2: Golf balls incorporating peptizers and method of manufacture patent, US-7331977-B2: Adaptive tourniquet cuff system patent, US-8279837-B2: Communication system, network handover processing method and apparatus patent, US-8205153-B2: Information extraction combining spatial and textual layout cues patent, US-8375095-B2: Out of order durable message processing patent, US-7150456-B2: Sheet transport drum for a machine processing printing-material sheets patent, US-7037516-B2: Non-aqueous surfactant-containing formulations for extended release of somatotropin patent, US-8264694-B2: Quantitative phase-contrast and excitation-emission systems patent, US-7426902-B1: Sorbent and applications patent, US-8251016-B2: Environmentally-friendly animal litter patent, US-7611463-B2: Ultrasound beamformer with high speed serial control bus packetized protocol patent, US-8165117-B2: Trunking in a matrix patent, US-7938777-B2: Non-invasive tracking of bones for surgery patent, US-7979450-B2: Instance management of code in a database patent, US-7413774-B2: Method for controlled application of reactive vapors to produce thin films and coatings patent, US-7782564-B2: Methods for enabling functionality in multi-modal data storage systems patent, US-8397111-B2: Software memory leak analysis using memory isolation patent, US-7972187-B2: Method and apparatus for controlling a water-jet driven marine vessel patent, US-7515599-B2: Information storage medium containing enhanced AV (ENAV) buffer configuration information, reproducing method thereof and method for managing the buffer patent, US-6901230-B2: Toner container having lid including lug patent, US-7831309-B1: Implants based on bipolar metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) electronics patent, US-4513450-A: Baseball catching means patent, US-7836437-B2: Semantic annotations for virtual objects patent, US-7764735-B2: Signal compressing system patent, US-8273339-B2: Polymer-based compositions and conjugates of antimicrobial agents patent, US-6948817-B2: Colored contact lens and method of making same patent, US-7364503-B2: Method and apparatus for tenderizing meat patent, US-7349979-B1: Method and apparatus for redirecting network traffic patent, US-7371232-B2: Catheter having circular ablation assembly patent, US-6965009-B1: p53 as protein and antibody therefor patent, US-7754681-B2: Heterocyclic self-immolative linkers and conjugates patent, US-7813811-B2: Refillable reservoir lead systems patent, US-8268920-B2: Heat aging resistant polyamides patent, US-8513382-B2: Biocomposites and methods of making the same patent, US-7803150-B2: Devices, systems and methods useable for treating sinusitis patent, US-6954366-B2: Multifunction hybrid intelligent universal transformer patent, US-7753878-B2: Safety needle with lockout mechanism patent, US-8306503-B2: Mobile alerting network patent, US-8394359-B1: Tattoo removal system and method patent, US-7384370-B2: Continuously variable transmission patent, US-7717874-B2: Needle-free injection system patent, US-7285092-B2: Computerized ultrasound risk evaluation system patent, US-8440695-B2: Use of chloroquine to treat metabolic syndrome patent, US-7797319-B2: Systems and methods for data model mapping patent, US-6847336-B1: Selectively controllable heads-up display system patent, US-7645289-B2: Conduit harvesting instrument and method patent, patent, patent, patent, 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