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US-804815-A: Sliding-door hanger and means for moving the door. patent, US-804864-A: Stapling-machine. patent, US-805033-A: Oar. patent, US-814198-A: Mounting or suspension for vehicle-wheels. patent, US-816200-A: Mail-box. patent, US-817469-A: Non-siphoning trap. patent, US-818071-A: Riding-cultivator. patent, US-820803-A: Two-division telephone system. patent, US-821888-A: Can. patent, US-823857-A: Grinder for cultivator disks and tools. patent, US-824147-A: Cream pasteurizer and cooler. patent, US-825307-A: Corrugated paper-board. patent, US-826018-A: Hose-coupling. patent, US-826859-A: Manufacture of threads from short fibers. patent, US-829646-A: Insulator. patent, US-829868-A: Linotype-machine. patent, US-831006-A: Pitching-machine. patent, US-834996-A: Safety-fender for street-cars. patent, US-837430-A: Ratchet-wrench. patent, US-837578-A: Suspenders. patent, US-837800-A: Draft appliance. patent, US-840330-A: Sawing-machine. patent, US-840643-A: Temporary binder. patent, US-841459-A: Work-reversing feed-table. patent, US-841469-A: Pressure-controlling valve for air-brake systems. patent, US-843181-A: Let-off mechanism for looms. patent, US-843663-A: Eye-exerciser. patent, US-844798-A: Surgical appliance. patent, US-845222-A: Chair attachment. patent, US-845468-A: Butter-cutter. patent, US-84574-A: Improved composition for cattle-food patent, US-846148-A: Method of making toilet-mirrors and other like articles. patent, US-847329-A: Garment-hanger. patent, US-847740-A: Means for producing expression-marks on music record-sheets. patent, US-848941-A: Electrical connecting-plug. patent, US-849620-A: Tucking attachment for sewing-machines. patent, US-85124-A: Perry patent, US-851732-A: Stone-puller. patent, US-853303-A: Gas-engine. patent, US-853842-A: Locomotive-crane. patent, US-6791071-B2: Apparatus for measuring aperture size of near-field optical probe and method thereof patent, US-6940174-B2: Metallic photonic box and its fabrication techniques patent, US-7020425-B2: High efficiency heat exchange apparatus and system for use with a fuser belt patent, US-7151758-B2: Router device, datagram transfer method and communication system realizing handoff control for mobile terminals patent, US-7183583-B2: Gallium-nitride based light emitting diode structure and fabrication thereof patent, US-7390171-B2: High efficiency rotor for the second phase of a gas turbine patent, US-7513789-B2: Base connector, socket connector and complex type connector patent, US-7658084-B2: Evaporative cooler patent, US-7826159-B2: Focus module and method for manufacturing same patent, US-7969353-B2: Method and apparatus for managing time in a satellite positioning system patent, US-8008807-B2: Uninterruptible power supply with low power loss patent, US-8026767-B2: Adaptive bias circuit and system thereof patent, US-8105116-B2: Communication jack having layered plug interface contacts patent, US-8131835-B2: Method of load balancing edge-enabled applications in a content delivery network (CDN) patent, US-8238366-B2: Wireless communication rate allocation on a Gaussian interference channel patent, US-8363699-B2: Random timing offset determination patent, US-6765510-B2: Entropy encoder/decoder patent, US-6861676-B2: Fabricating process for forming flexible substrate patent, US-6867213-B2: (2S)-2-(adamantan-1-ylmethoxycarbonylamino)-3-(4-(2-(1,4,5,6-tetrhydropyrimidin-2-ylcarbamoyl)ethyl)benzoylamino)propionic acid isopropyl ester, its preparation and its use patent, US-6911930-B1: Cell array with mismatch reduction patent, US-6977486-B2: Apparatus for charging battery of mobile communication terminal patent, US-7024645-B2: Method for predicting performance of integrated circuit and method for designing the circuit patent, US-7046069-B2: Method to reduce inductive effects of current variations by internal clock phase shifting patent, US-7119311-B2: Induction circuit for contactless power supply apparatus patent, US-7135567-B2: Processes for producing 2,4,6-tris(hydroxyphenyl amino)-1,3,5-triazines and 2,4,6-tris(substituted phenylamino)-1,3,5-triazines patent, US-7183747-B2: Method and circuit arrangement for determining the average current consumption of a battery-operated apparatus patent, US-7221133-B2: Hybrid digital-analog switched power supply patent, US-7420995-B2: Simultaneously mode-locked, Q-switched laser patent, US-7439084-B2: Predictions of leakage modes in integrated circuits patent, US-7456432-B2: System having electrostatic discharge protection structure and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-7471894-B2: Manufacturing method of color cathode ray tube patent, US-7692753-B2: Flat panel display device patent, US-7832865-B2: Ophthalmic photographic apparatus patent, US-7925421-B2: Off-line calibration of universal tracking air fuel ratio regulators patent, US-7950475-B2: Percussion drilling assembly having a floating feed tube patent, US-8369687-B2: Electronic device and method for embedding product information in videos with product placements patent, US-8507369-B2: Method for producing silicon nanowire devices patent, US-6808245-B2: Cartridge and cartridge detecting device patent, US-6826730-B2: System and method for controlling current in an integrated circuit patent, US-6954107-B2: Differential current amplifier with common mode rejection and high frequency boost patent, US-6973070-B1: System and method for transmitting subscriber data in a narrowband advanced messaging system using unscheduled message time slots patent, US-6985597-B2: Variable directional capacitor microphone comprising elastic acoustic resisting member patent, US-6997131-B2: Boat tower releasable member assembly patent, US-7057192-B2: Radial scan arm and collimator for serial processing of semiconductor wafers with ribbon beams patent, US-7182260-B2: Aiming light pattern generator in imaging readers for electro-optically reading indicia patent, US-7231438-B1: Data processing apparatus patent, US-7231832-B2: System and method for detecting cracks and their location patent, US-7339719-B1: Packaging of frequency-doubled, extended-cavity, surface-emitting laser components on a common substrate patent, US-7519782-B2: Ring optimization for data sieving writes patent, US-7790754-B2: Alpha-hydroxy amides as bradykinin antagonists or inverse agonists patent, US-7845337-B2: Fuel vapor recirculation device for vehicle patent, US-7922537-B2: Electrical connector with shielding means for grounding and impedance metching patent, US-7956566-B2: Driver IC with HV-isolation, especially hybrid electric vehicle motor drive concept patent, US-8251901-B2: Retractor for minimally invasive surgery patent, US-8293117-B2: Water quality control in covered reservoir patent, US-8542144-B2: Analog to digital converter patent, US-6758440-B1: Electromagnetic aircraft arrestor system patent, US-6839144-B2: Optical displacement sensor patent, US-6952282-B2: System for controlling printer and method of controlling printer patent, US-6982597-B2: Differential input circuit patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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