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US-6991256-B2: Quick connect cushion mounting system patent, US-7154706-B2: Thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same patent, US-7207135-B1: Audio fishing lure system for attracting species specific fish patent, US-7269709-B2: Memory controller configurable to allow bandwidth/latency tradeoff patent, US-7417506-B2: Amplifier having switchable negative feedback patent, US-7464343-B2: Two level hierarchy in-window gallery patent, US-7475571-B2: Controlling method of washing machine patent, US-7540841-B2: System and method for in-situ mental health monitoring and therapy administration patent, US-7554328-B2: Method and apparatus for reducing borehole and eccentricity effects in multicomponent induction logging patent, US-7711863-B2: Method and apparatus for variably enabling USB interaction patent, US-7731532-B2: Connector patent, US-7873213-B2: Systems and methods for color-deficient image enhancement patent, US-7972368-B2: Refillable therapeutic pack patent, US-8002629-B2: Gaming machine with interactive scorecard patent, US-8146696-B2: Methods and apparatus for moving a vehicle up or down a sloped surface patent, US-8165462-B2: Shake correction module for photographing apparatus and photographing apparatus including the same patent, US-8194846-B1: Transfer function for messaging platform in public telephone system patent, US-8256784-B2: Tricycle with front and rear steering patent, US-8352933-B2: Concurrent patching of operating systems patent, US-6791237-B2: Surface acoustic wave substrate and surface acoustic wave functional element patent, US-6893074-B1: Mobile vehicle hail cover patent, US-6932071-B2: Method for manufacturing ribbed archery bow limb portions and the ribbed archery bow limb portions produced thereby patent, US-6970727-B1: Hands-free device with button for cellular telephone send/end and two-way radio push-to-talk patent, US-6996361-B2: Full-color electrophotographic apparatus using liquid toner containing resin patent, US-7027801-B1: Method delivering location-base targeted advertisements to mobile subscribers patent, US-7115920-B2: FinFET transistor and circuit patent, US-7222537-B2: Method of monitoring pressure of a gas species and apparatus to do so patent, US-7441777-B2: Educational question and answer escape game having an antagonist element patent, US-7444878-B1: Resonant frequency pressure sensor patent, US-7450196-B2: Reflective display device using photonic crystals patent, US-7532688-B2: Adaptive thresholding algorithm for the noise due to unknown symbols in correlation based channel impulse response (CIR) estimate patent, US-7535658-B2: Imaging lens patent, US-7552564-B2: Staircase installation template and method patent, US-7568306-B1: Rod holding apparatus patent, US-7690389-B2: Wheelchair umbrella and associated method patent, US-7703975-B2: Temperature detecting circuit patent, US-7757577-B2: Position detecting device for transmission gear connecting mechanism and transmission having position detecting device patent, US-7815688-B2: Lap joint for prosthetic foot patent, US-7887354-B2: Thread lock for cable connectors patent, US-7899835-B2: Method and system for reviewing business activity of a business entity patent, US-8008852-B2: Organic light-emitting display device and production method of the same patent, US-8050402-B2: Method and related device for hardware-oriented conversion between arithmetic and boolean random masking patent, US-4640018-A: Checkbook recording device patent, US-8059671-B2: Switching device patent, US-8130284-B2: Imaging apparatus and method for controlling white balance patent, US-8151031-B2: Local memories with permutation functionality for digital signal processors patent, US-8220152-B2: Process for producing heat exchanger tubes and heat exchanger tubes patent, US-8353599-B2: Projection system and projector patent, US-8373603-B2: Dual feed antenna patent, US-6747948-B1: Interleaver scheme in an OFDM system with multiple-stream data sources patent, US-7309009-B2: Retail store fly-around product locator patent, US-7330094-B2: Energy producing apparatus utilizing magnetic pistons patent, US-7400082-B2: Light emitting screen structure and image forming apparatus patent, US-7403189-B2: Graphical calculator patent, US-7603053-B2: Image forming apparatus patent, US-7666670-B2: Animal model for the fast identification of pharmaceutical active compounds in vivo patent, US-7893852-B2: Enhanced time-interleaved A/D conversion using compression patent, US-7907367-B1: Punched gimbal dimple with a coined periphery in a head suspension patent, US-7931918-B2: Collagen-based microspheres and methods of preparation and uses thereof patent, US-8027844-B2: System and method for processing mail patent, US-8104072-B2: Apparatus and methods for authenticating voice and data devices on the same port patent, US-8172689-B2: Fixed-type constant velocity universal joint patent, US-8269567-B2: Flicker noise cancellation in oscillators patent, US-8296426-B2: System and method for performing capacity planning for enterprise applications patent, US-8345400-B2: Surge suppression circuit for a load control device patent, US-6853990-B1: Franking and prepayment machine patent, US-7353742-B1: Double action firing pin system patent, US-7390671-B2: Method of selective excitation for improving contrast in magnetic resonance imaging patent, US-7464299-B2: ACPI name space validation patent, US-7490981-B2: Method for determining thermal effusivity and/or thermal conductivity of sheet material patent, US-7617378-B2: Multiprocessor system with retry-less TLBI protocol patent, US-7690739-B2: Drawer patent, US-7710544-B2: Optimized polarization illumination patent, US-7841759-B2: LED backlight for display systems patent, US-7933509-B2: Device and method for reducing optical blurring patent, US-7964682-B2: Method for producing phosphoric acid ester-based polymer patent, US-7979746-B2: Dual-dual lockstep processor assemblies and modules patent, US-8083773-B2: Apparatus for minimally invasive posterior correction of spinal deformity patent, US-8161986-B2: Dish-washing machine patent, US-8362190-B2: Method for producing hyperbranched polymer patent, US-8512460-B2: Carbon dioxide recovery system patent, US-8513261-B2: Tablet and granulated powder containing 6-fluoro-3-hydroxy-2-pyrazinecarboxamide patent, US-6944197-B2: Low crosstalk optical gain medium and method for forming same patent, US-7079538-B2: High-speed router patent, US-7314199-B1: Folding archery bow stand patent, US-7422280-B2: Foldable headrest assembly patent, US-7520186-B2: Apparatus and method for measuring soil gases patent, US-7777393-B2: Ultrasound system patent, US-7844451-B2: Spectrum coding/decoding apparatus and method for reducing distortion of two band spectrums patent, US-7925731-B2: System and method for providing SNMP data for virtual networking devices patent, US-7954172-B2: Garment for retaining a child in a car-seat patent, US-7963923-B2: Blood pressure meter patent, US-8028834-B2: Medical tubing bag patent, US-8209696-B2: Method and system for load balancing a distributed database patent, US-8451819-B2: Methods and apparatus for uplink frame synchronization in a subscriber station patent, US-6806712-B2: Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method patent, US-6870867-B2: Tunable laser temperature sensing control system patent, US-6889539-B2: Low disturbance pulsatile flow system patent, US-7069709-B2: Device for the production of tubular bags patent, US-7357239-B2: Vending machine tracking system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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