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US-7577714-B2: Media streaming of web content data patent, US-7936487-B2: Solid-state imaging device patent, US-7789160-B2: Addition of nonionic surfactants to water soluble block copolymers to increase the stability of the copolymer in aqueous solutions containing salt and/or surfactants patent, US-7763013-B2: Swabable fluid connectors and fluid connector pairs patent, US-7781176-B2: Antibodies to HTEEB42 protein patent, US-7709189-B1: Methods for identifying or diagnosing carcinoma cells with metastatic potential based on the measurement of lymphoid genes or their products in carcinoma cells patent, US-8546915-B2: Integrated circuits having place-efficient capacitors and methods for fabricating the same patent, US-7011631-B2: Noninvasive method of measuring blood density and hematocrit patent, US-6914899-B2: Caller identification and voice/data synchronization for internet telephony and related applications patent, US-7001337-B2: Monitoring physiological parameters based on variations in a photoplethysmographic signal patent, US-8317777-B2: Steerable multi-linked device having multiple working ports patent, US-8023767-B1: Method and apparatus for 3D metal and high-density artifact correction for cone-beam and fan-beam CT imaging patent, US-8513231-B2: Use of oxazolidinone-quinoline hybrid antibiotics for the treatment of anthrax and other infections patent, US-8590119-B2: Fastening system patent, US-6781330-B1: Direct injection accelerator method and system patent, US-6966760-B1: Reciprocating fluid pump employing reversing polarity motor patent, US-6971576-B2: Generalized method of speckle-noise pattern reduction and particular forms of apparatus therefor based on reducing the spatial-coherence of the planar laser illumination beam after it illuminates the target by applying spatial intensity modulation techniques during the detection of the reflected/scattered plib patent, US-8585062-B2: Tunable pneumatic suspension patent, US-6962871-B2: Composite polymer dielectric film patent, US-7383776-B2: System and method for processing ferrotungsten and other tungsten alloys, articles formed therefrom and methods for detecting the same patent, US-7396184-B2: Crash cushion patent, US-8291454-B2: System and method for downloading multimedia events scheduling information for display patent, US-7857426-B2: Micro-electromechanical nozzle arrangement with a roof structure for minimizing wicking patent, US-8165577-B2: Pilot signal transmission management patent, US-7047847-B2: Toolkit with chain tool patent, US-6827886-B2: Method for making multilayer optical films patent, US-7615109-B2: Sodium bicarbonate vacuum bag inserts patent, US-8535787-B1: Heat sinks having a thermal interface for cooling electronic devices patent, US-7763375-B2: Current interrupt device for batteries patent, US-8315096-B2: Method and apparatus to implement a reset function in a non-volatile static random access memory patent, US-7178597-B2: Cement compositions comprising high aspect ratio materials and methods of use in subterranean formations patent, US-7018558-B2: Method of improving performance of refrigerant systems patent, US-6958296-B2: CVD TiSiN barrier for copper integration patent, US-8488111-B2: Measuring volume and constituents of cells patent, US-7206849-B1: Communication in a wireless communications network when a mobile computer terminal may be unreachable patent, US-8022189-B2: Isolated antibodies against biologically active leptin-related peptides patent, US-7915413-B2: Compounds patent, US-7119686-B2: Theft prevention device for automotive vehicle service centers patent, US-7097802-B2: Disposable LMA patent, US-7041807-B1: Antibodies to a YYX epitope of a mammalian prion protein patent, US-7699949-B2: Enhanced thickness fabric and method of making same patent, US-8288649-B2: Quantum dot solar cell patent, US-7655387-B2: Method to align mask patterns patent, US-7439194-B2: Lanthanide doped TiOx dielectric films by plasma oxidation patent, US-8545588-B2: Air cleaner arrangements; components; and, methods patent, US-6890726-B1: Method for selecting recombinase variants with altered specificity patent, US-7056669-B2: AC methods for the detection of nucleic acids patent, US-8388759-B2: Methods and devices to clear obstructions from medical tubes patent, US-8029247-B2: System and method for pressure compensation in a pump patent, US-708104-A: Flexible pipe-joint. patent, US-708363-A: Art of enameling metal ware. patent, US-7358050-B2: Nucleic acid adsorbent; methods for adsorbing, removing, dissociating, and recovering nucleic acids using the same; and method for regenerating the same patent, US-749211-A: Soldering-machine patent, US-757327-A: Bed. patent, US-814843-A: Combined envelop and souvenir-album. patent, US-819251-A: Cement-tile machine. patent, US-836417-A: Apparatus for moulding sound-records. patent, US-848714-A: Book-cover. patent, US-6933560-B2: Power devices and methods for manufacturing the same patent, US-7195754-B1: Nanotube based sunscreen patent, US-7416681-B2: Etching solution for multiple layer of copper and molybdenum and etching method using the same patent, US-7504270-B2: Methods of quantifying variations resulting from manufacturing-induced corner rounding of various features, and structures for testing same patent, US-8524586-B2: Semiconductor overlapped PN structure and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-6847425-B2: Liquid crystal display having reflector outside liquid crystal cell patent, US-6975606-B2: Method and apparatus for removing a base transceiver station from a wireless communication system patent, US-8035960-B2: Hard disk drive frame patent, US-8373648-B2: Proximity sensor, control method thereof, and electronic apparatus equipped with the same patent, US-6774911-B2: Method and apparatus for visual synchronizations between graphical representations of an organization patent, US-6844831-B1: Split latency decoding patent, US-6936316-B2: Ink-jet recording medium with an opaque or semi-opaque layer coated thereon, method for recording an image, and a recorded medium with at least one layer rendered clear or semi-opaque patent, US-7317237-B2: Photovoltaic conversion device and method of manufacturing the device patent, US-7813737-B1: Integrated digital enhanced network migrated subscriber mapping patent, US-8395076-B2: One-piece consumable assembly patent, US-6708066-B2: Electrochemical treatment of tissues, especially tumors patent, US-6859609-B1: Portable digital recorder patent, US-7005696-B2: Structure of nonvolatile memory array patent, US-7359005-B2: Method and system for component sync detection and alignment patent, US-7460548-B2: Optimally interworking SIP and QSIG call diversion and transfer patent, US-7925310-B2: Communication device with stickup structure patent, US-8097897-B2: High-efficiency light-emitting device and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-8349106-B2: Adhesive tape joining method and adhesive tape joining apparatus patent, US-6841742-B2: Presentation board digitizer systems patent, US-7339381-B2: Object sensing patent, US-7378307-B2: Gate of a semiconductor device and method for forming the same patent, US-7538018-B2: Gate structure and method for fabricating the same, and method for fabricating memory and CMOS transistor layout patent, US-7627597-B2: Usage-based optimization of network traffic and data warehouse size patent, US-7995200-B2: Analyzer patent, US-8080954-B2: Inverter apparatus patent, US-8354752-B2: Semiconductor devices patent, US-8412240-B2: Direct SMS message delivery over broadband data networks through an SMS-C patent, US-8475707-B2: Method of manufacturing direct reduction iron and reduction firing apparatus patent, US-8487190-B2: Flexible printed circuit board patent, US-6720611-B2: Fabrication method for flash memory patent, US-6812259-B2: Hydroetching of high surface area ceramics using moist supercritical fluids patent, US-7130729-B2: Adaptive compensation of rear-wheel steering control using vehicle dynamics parameter estimation patent, US-7146653-B2: Side buckle structure of swimming goggles patent, US-7179881-B2: Process for heating PET pellet feed to a solid stating process by heat exchange with hot solid stated pellets patent, US-7274008-B2: Induction hob with monobloc housing components patent, US-7448301-B1: Snap ring pliers patent, US-7467200-B2: System and method for controlling an associated network connection with a mechanism of terminating the same patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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