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US-8115650-B2: Radio frequency identification based personnel safety system patent, US-6787447-B2: Semiconductor processing methods of forming integrated circuitry patent, US-8255813-B2: Declarative task-based user interfaces patent, US-6992347-B2: Semiconductor storage device patent, US-7281042-B2: Internet domain keyword optimization patent, US-3688915-A: Combined shelf edge and hanger support patent, US-7820023-B2: Preconcentration interface coupling liquid chromatography to capillary electrophoresis patent, US-7991898-B2: User equipment, method and system for simultaneous session control patent, US-7399492-B2: Composition and method for issue repair and regeneration patent, US-7820465-B2: Manufacturing method for a circuit pattern, a thin film transistor and an electronic appliance patent, US-7069968-B2: Debris collection system for a planer patent, US-7219303-B2: Presence and geographic location notification based on a setting patent, US-7578450-B2: Fuel injector with grooved check member patent, US-7030097-B1: Controlled nucleic acid delivery systems patent, US-7547069-B2: Vehicle seat, particularly a motor vehicle seat patent, US-8342068-B2: Device for longitudinal cutting of a continuous web material, such as corrugated cardboard patent, US-7851113-B2: Electrophotographic photoreceptors having reduced torque and improved mechanical robustness patent, US-7886947-B2: Electronic control containment unit for bicycles patent, US-8272459-B2: Superabrasive inserts including an arcuate peripheral surface patent, US-8439111-B2: Hydrocarbon recovery process patent, US-6790897-B2: Aqueous crumb rubber composition patent, US-8097286-B2: Herbal composition weight management patent, US-7941957-B2: Compact foldable handgun patent, US-8292927-B2: Flexible articulating spinal rod patent, US-6916333-B2: Corkscrew suture anchor patent, US-7183480-B2: Apparatus and method for detecting performer's motion to interactively control performance of music or the like patent, US-8009828-B2: Integrated shuffle validity proving device, proof integrating device, integrated shuffle validity verifying device, and mix net system patent, US-7231400-B2: Dynamically generating multiple hierarchies of inter-object relationships based on object attribute values patent, US-7452128-B2: On chip temperature measuring and monitoring circuit and method patent, US-8198177-B2: AlxInyGal-x-yN mixture crystal substrate, method of growing same and method of producing same patent, US-7694002-B2: System and method for dynamically upgrading / downgrading a conference session patent, US-7823213-B2: Recording apparatus, reproduction apparatus, data processing apparatus, recording and reproduction apparatus and data transmission apparatus and corresponding methods patent, US-8278774-B2: Gas turbine with wired shaft forming part of a generator/motor assembly patent, US-8569154-B2: Three dimensional integration and methods of through silicon via creation patent, US-7323167-B2: Method of treatment with modified arginine deiminase patent, US-7818130-B2: Automated method and system for setting image analysis parameters to control image analysis operations patent, US-7899469-B2: User defined location based notification for a mobile communications device systems and methods patent, US-6820050-B2: Event-driven graphical user interface for use in a touch-screen enabled handheld portable data terminal patent, US-8101307-B2: Fuel cell system with electrochemical anode exhaust recycling patent, US-8099899-B2: Highly maneuverable fishing lure patent, US-7148155-B1: Sequential deposition/anneal film densification method patent, US-7068870-B2: Variable width waveguide for mode-matching and method for making patent, US-7757437-B2: Resilient retention system for a door panel patent, US-7534670-B2: Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same patent, US-7664345-B2: MEMS device fabricated on a pre-patterned substrate patent, US-8054957-B2: Origin device billing according to caller patent, US-8216825-B2: Aquaculture biocide methods and compositions patent, US-7452677-B2: Monoclonal antibody capable of binding integrin alpha 10 beta 1 patent, US-7836236-B2: Extended secure-digital (SD) devices and hosts patent, US-7085555-B2: Location blocking service from a web advertiser patent, US-7745245-B2: Semiconductor light emitting device patent, US-6900228-B1: Opiate compounds, methods of making and methods of use patent, US-7320963-B2: Methods and compositions for delivery of pharmaceutical agents patent, US-7519493-B2: Portable coordinate measurement machine with integrated line laser scanner patent, US-7852690-B2: Multi-chip package for a flash memory patent, US-7358355-B2: Antibodies against human parathyroid hormone related protein patent, US-7710876-B2: Successive scheduled requests for transmission patent, US-7560587-B2: Bis[urea-urethane] compounds patent, US-8124747-B2: HCV clade and prototype sequences thereof patent, US-6764579-B2: Solar management coating system including protective DLC patent, US-8565801-B2: Methods and apparatus for managing group membership for group communications patent, US-8412838-B1: Method of and system for analyzing the content of resource requests patent, US-8341835-B1: Buildup dielectric layer having metallization pattern semiconductor package fabrication method patent, US-8106400-B2: Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-8150913-B2: System for controlled distribution of user profiles over a network patent, US-8150407-B2: System and method for scheduling transmissions in a wireless communication system patent, US-7989462-B2: 4-arylamin-or-4-heteroarylamino-quinazolines and analogs as activators of caspases and inducers of apoptosis and the use thereof patent, US-8513359-B2: Crosslinkable graft polymer non preferentially wetted by polystyrene and polyethylene oxide patent, US-8060834-B2: Graphics integration into a process configuration and control environment patent, US-6763886-B2: In situ thermal processing of a coal formation with carbon dioxide sequestration patent, US-6715549-B2: In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation with a selected atomic oxygen to carbon ratio patent, US-8483831-B1: System and method for bronchial dilation patent, US-690506-A: Pulping-machine. patent, US-693508-A: Groove-cutter. patent, US-695675-A: Reversing-gear for engines. patent, US-712002-A: Submarine rock drilling and blasting apparatus. patent, US-723379-A: Belting. patent, US-790142-A: Sealing device for gas-meters. patent, US-837597-A: Automatic circuit-controller. patent, US-846387-A: Material of fabric and rubber. patent, US-6871974-B2: Lighting unit and liquid crystal device using the same patent, US-6879666-B2: Method of sharing and transferring information between ISDN telephones patent, US-7160819-B2: Method to perform selective atomic layer deposition of zinc oxide patent, US-7312669-B2: Oscillation circuit patent, US-8336017-B2: Architecture optimizer patent, US-6905229-B2: Light sculpture patent, US-6988195-B2: Vault controller supervisor and method of operation for managing multiple independent vault processes and browser sessions for users in an electronic business system patent, US-7037948-B2: Method for increasing the production in an existing processing plant and a processing plant patent, US-7368667-B2: Using rows/columns of micro-vias to create PCB routing channels in BGA interconnect grid (micro-via channels) patent, US-7546314-B1: Customizing application programs patent, US-7573558-B2: Support unit utilized in visual inspection of display substrate patent, US-8241453-B2: Method and apparatus for manufacturing fibre-reinforced hoses patent, US-7022458-B2: Photoresist polymer and photoresist composition containing the same patent, US-7353600-B2: Circuit board fabrication method and circuit board patent, US-7415413-B2: Methods for conveying synthetic speech style from a text-to-speech system patent, US-7662587-B1: Gene knockout mutations that increase peptide production patent, US-7711602-B2: Systems and methods for supply chain management patent, US-8563816-B1: Soybean variety XBP34005 patent, US-8592820-B2: Layers and patterns of nanowire or carbon nanotube using chemical self assembly and fabricating method in liquid crystal display device thereby patent, US-6795757-B2: On-vehicle display device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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