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US-5358069-A: Stepboard for ladders patent, US-5457394-A: Impulse radar studfinder patent, US-5541858-A: Trip log odometer patent, US-5608486-A: Lens-fitted photographic film package patent, US-5618402-A: Tin-zinc alloy electroplating bath and method for electroplating using the same patent, US-5638927-A: Suspension damper patent, US-5821730-A: Low cost battery sensing technique patent, US-5821819-A: Base station oscillator tuned with received clock signal patent, US-5951372-A: Method of roughing a metallic surface of a semiconductor deposition tool patent, US-5964983-A: Microfibrillated cellulose and method for preparing a microfibrillated cellulose patent, US-6119247-A: Remote debugging of internet applications patent, US-6156357-A: Frozen confection type food product and method for making same patent, US-6161010-A: Fault monitoring apparatus for mobile communication system patent, US-6165764-A: Polynucleotides encoding tRNA methyl transferases from Streptococcus pneumoniae patent, US-6192114-B1: Method and apparatus for billing a fee to a party initiating an electronic mail communication when the party is not on an authorization list associated with the party to whom the communication is directed patent, US-6219473-B1: Optical fiber wavelength multiplexer-demultiplexer patent, US-6258330-B1: Inhibition of carbon deposition on fuel gas steam reformer walls patent, US-6432203-B1: Heated and cooled vacuum chamber shield patent, US-6477774-B1: Method of manufacturing a vehicle frame assembly patent, US-6489426-B1: Propylene base polymer and a polypropylene film using the same patent, US-6499779-B2: Crane gear for the transport of web rolls patent, US-6505863-B2: Connector patent, US-6509255-B2: Fuse area structure having guard ring surrounding fuse opening in semiconductor device and method of forming the same patent, US-6665298-B1: Reassembly unit and a method thereof patent, US-3893625-A: Pumpless recirculating system for flowable materials patent, US-3914881-A: Support pad patent, US-3990572-A: Packaging machine and method patent, US-4238132-A: Connector patent, US-4324745-A: Device for automatically regulating a choke valve in a carburetor for an internal combustion engine patent, US-4327348-A: Variable leakage transformer patent, US-4392940-A: Coal-oil slurry preparation patent, US-4459944-A: Water-cooled internal combustion engine with a sound-absorbing cover patent, US-4586372-A: Method and arrangement for the continuous contactless measurement of the shrinkage of textiles patent, US-4634057-A: Pumps and pump components patent, US-4813081-A: Novelty T-shirt patent, US-4844049-A: Water heater device patent, US-4879364-A: Film of carboxylated acrylate latex, and article made therefrom patent, US-4914650-A: Bandwidth allocation and congestion control scheme for an integrated voice and data network patent, US-4993488-A: Well casing packers patent, US-5008397-A: N-substituted benzimidazole-2-carboxanilides patent, US-5034638-A: Generator auxiliary mode lubrication system and method patent, US-5062215-A: Continuous tape measure patent, US-5133629-A: Tool holding assembly provided with a feeler device patent, US-5138862-A: Ram guidance system patent, US-5165777-A: Lighting fixture incorporating fountain patent, US-5273627-A: Process for stripping and distilling mixtures containing alkylaromatics chlorinated in the side chain patent, US-5275340-A: Spray nozzle with recessed deflector surface patent, US-5446803-A: Image signal processing apparatus patent, US-5452889-A: Ball striking device patent, US-5469454-A: Mode locked laser diode in a high power solid state regenerative amplifier and mount mechanism patent, US-5684585-A: Optical particle counter employing a field-calibrator patent, US-5735772-A: Method and device for improving oral motor function patent, US-5853238-A: Retrofit cabinet door assembly patent, US-5862783-A: Variable angle camshaft patent, US-5983932-A: Dual tank fuel system patent, US-6053850-A: Variable resistance exercise device patent, US-6117321-A: External tension adjustment device for a filtering sleeve in a filtering machine patent, US-6305764-B1: Industrial component holder assembly and rack patent, US-6319254-B1: Compression osteosynthesis screw, and an ancillaty device for use therewith patent, US-6323377-B1: Oxidation process patent, US-6410179-B1: Fluid flow plate having a bridge piece patent, US-6411013-B1: Microactuator array with integrally formed package patent, US-6426711-B1: Character table implemented data compression method and apparatus patent, US-6578419-B1: Acceleration sensor patent, US-6595757-B2: Air compressor control system patent, US-6604287-B2: Hair clipper with tethered trimmer attachment and on-board attachment storage patent, US-6688826-B2: Captive fastener system and retention member patent, US-6699014-B1: Quick connect device for ceiling fan blade and method therefor patent, US-6700847-B2: Recording/reproducing apparatus and method using accurate recording/reproducing clock signal patent, US-6734615-B2: Color cathode ray tube and glass frit for color cathode ray tubes patent, US-3905305-A: Snubbed railway truck bolster patent, US-3967733-A: Tape reel hanger patent, US-4048462-A: Compact rotary evaporation source patent, US-4303641-A: Hydrous silica gel containing dentifrice patent, US-4440148-A: Method of and means for maintaining a halocline in an open body of salt water patent, US-4444278-A: Rotatable drilling head patent, US-4642273-A: Reformer reaction control apparatus for a fuel cell patent, US-4757372-A: SLR zoom camera patent, US-4773248-A: Process for manufacturing a part having a tooth profile and boss patent, US-4784705-A: Wrought high silicon heat resistant alloys patent, US-4789251-A: Cooling networks for PCD bearing surfaces patent, US-4816696-A: Variable-speed pumped-storage power generating system patent, US-4831485-A: Gas discharge overvoltage arrester patent, US-4870777-A: Fishing line device patent, US-4974095-A: Method and apparatus for displaying an image patent, US-4990016-A: Liquid applicator sampler tube patent, US-5106559-A: Solid halogen-containing composition and method for producing same patent, US-5118215-A: Pipe clip patent, US-5159950-A: Fountain faucet patent, US-5173268-A: Ozone generation apparatus patent, US-5300588-A: Thermosetting resin compositions patent, US-5318794-A: Process for producing caramel having a high content of fructose oligosaccharides and caramel product produced thereby patent, US-5338388-A: Method of forming single-crystal semiconductor films patent, US-5548828-A: RDS audio receiver having interrupt mode patent, US-5692342-A: Open but secure travel center kiosk patent, US-5778851-A: Piston-type internal combustion engine having at least two intake valves per cylinder patent, US-5982867-A: Method and system for providing the name of the state of a calling party patent, US-5991845-A: Recoverable spin lock system patent, US-6174158-B1: Injection molding shut-off bushing with separate material flow path patent, US-6262567-B1: Automatic power supply sensing with on-chip regulation patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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